Maternal health shelters built in Segera!

The idea of building maternal health shelters was an idea that was created by the women in our communities who wanted to come up with a solution to a major issue they were having.

Pregnant women will come to the clinic to give birth, but many times, they are too early and most of the clinics don’t have enough beds to keep them until it is time for labor. So these women will make the journey back to their homes and when the time does come, they are either too far or in too much pain to walk all the way back to the clinic which results in giving birth at home.  The goal of these health shelters is that they are built close to the clinic with a nurse attendant so they can house the women who have arrived just a bit too early. Once she is ready to give birth, she is moved into the clinic.

The goal of our Maternal Healthcare program is to lower the mortality rate during birth for both mother and child by education and also providing resources like these. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project and to The 410 Bridge as a whole! You are investing in programs that will save lives!

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