I am sure you have heard about or seen the “Text THINK to 50555″ campaign to remove the barriers to education in Kenya! I have been so excited to see the initial response but the ripple effect of friends telling friends and spreading the word is going to be even BIGGER. There are many incredible stories from that, but I want to share one that is a bit different.

I was at the BigStuf camp in Daytona last week and on the first day I met Manny and Andrew. They wanted to show me the vinyl stickers that they had created. Cool designs, simple and strong virtues, verses, etc. But as cool as they were, what they wanted to do was even cooler! They were going to see how many stickers they could sell… and wanted to know who they could give the money to at the end of the week. Each day they would check in with me – both of them smiling from ear to ear and tell me the total for the day. And each day, they seemed to add more and more volunteers to help them sell and promote the stickers. At the end of the week, they handed me a wad of cash totaling $337! I was blown away by their initiative and their dedication and ultimately their giving hearts. Then they opened their case and handed me the remaining inventory to do whatever we wanted to do with it. There were hundreds of stickers accounting for several more hundreds of dollars worth of inventory that they just handed over. They were excited to serve and to give and wanted to know what else they could do to help serve The 410 Bridge ministry.