Maniche Community Update

This community update is straight from our 410 Bridge Staff in Haiti

Project / Programs Currently Running:

  • Water project  
  • Sponsorship program  
  • Goat project  
  • Economic development  
  • Cow project launch

Latest update for the community as a whole: 

Water project:

  • The water system used in the past by the community were causing a lot of problems. The population would receive water from the kiosk by paying for it. They could buy a 5 gallon bucket of water for 2.5 gourdes. After analysis, the source of the problem was identified as the previous committee. Once the committee was replaced by new staff members, the system was much more profitable (economically) for the community.

Sponsorship program:

  • The schools received payment from the 410 Bridge accounting department for the last period. The teachers need to be trained, but they could not be there due to the political crisis that happened in the country. We have built a data base for each student, which will help set up the annual evaluation at the beginning of the academic year.
  • This evaluation helps give an idea of the evolution of the sponsorship program, in terms of how it progresses in the community.  Of a total of 547 children from 3 schools, there are only 43 children being sponsored, 504 still don’t have a sponsor. More detail in the table below.
# School name Comm-unity Number o-f children Sponsor-ed kids Unsponsor-ed kids 
College Moderne- des Sciences Manich-e  203 200 
Methodiste de Da-sma Manich-e 76 74 
Ecole MEBSH de Maniche  Manich-e  268 38 230 
Total  547 43 504 

Goat Project:

  • There are 150 families involved in the goat project. The LC has defined a strategic plan going forward with the sustainability of the project in the community.  In response to the agreement that has been signed among the goat beneficiaries and the LCs, every beneficiary must give in exchange, one goat, after the baby goat is born. For this quarter there were a total of 27 male and female goats given from the beneficiaries to the LC. The 17 female goats were distributed to 17 new beneficiaries, and the LC kept the 10 males. This project has positively impacted Maniche.  
# Activi-ty   AmountBeneficiary Purpose  
Female goat
Gift exchang-e to new be-neficiaries 
Male goat
10 LC  LC can sell s-ome of them to buy femal-es and keep sharing wit-h the benefic-iaries or use the profit to solve other problems in the organization/commu-nity.
  • On June 17th, we organized a gift exchange activity with the Immanuel church. 11 people received a goat, including Pastor Brian who received the goat on behalf of the 410 Bridge US team. This goat was used for the community meal, so the people on the team were very excited to receive and share the goat. After the event, the US team took a picture with all of the beneficiaries.

Economic Development:

Photo of the Gift exchange to the new beneficiaries in Maniche
  • The Leadership Council is starting to work on identifying people who will be part of the BST training that will take place in the community from July 1st to July 30th.  
  • The 410 Bridge worked on a survey to identify different churches for the savings group extension, especially the community of Maniche. 
Picture of the meeting for launching BST in the community

Cow project:

  • The cow project is set to start at the beginning of July. The total cost is around 19,129 US dollars and the community contribution is $2480. We estimate a total of  37 cows, 35 female and 2 male. 
Planning for the launching of the cow project with the technical commission

Biggest challenge community is facing if any? 

  • The biggest challenge in the community is finances, parents are struggling to pay school fees. 

Story of a beneficiary with quote: 

  • BRISSON Benjamin is a beneficiary of a female goat in the first distribution, so 4 baby goats have now been born. It is a big income source for him, the goat helps to buy schools supplies for the children, and he is ready to share in gift exchange to someone else. So, he is so grateful toward the USA 410 Bridge and 410 Bridge-Haiti. Without them he would not get this opportunity. He hopes the people who receive the goat will share exchange gift to others. 
Picture of the beneficiary who testified at the event (BRISSON Benjamin) from this goat, 4 baby goats were born

How can we be praying for the community? 

  • Pray for change happen in the community specially the Cow project and goat can be extended so that the socio-economic life of the people can improve and impact more and more people.  
  • Pray for more kids to get sponsored 

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