Livestock Project ORNAMENTS!!

This Christmas, give the gift of livestock to a family in Kenya… but also make a memory! Here is a step by step of how you can make Livestock Project Ornaments. Give them to a friend (and let them know you’ve given a chicken to a family in Kenya on their behalf) or have fun with your family!

Step One: GIVE

Give a livestock by visiting


Step Two:  PRINT

Right hand click on a livestock image, save image as.

Place image in text document, scale to size & print.


Step Three: GATHER

Gather items on list:

–        A pair of scissors

–        Craft Glue

–        Ribbon

–        Two sheets of cardstock

–        Two sheets of scrapbook paper

–        Printed livestock image


Step Four:  CUT

Cut out a 3 ¾” circle out of cardstock. Use the circle as a template for other circles.

Cut one of each scrapbook circles in half.

Cut two pieces of ribbon, one 3 ¾” long, and the other 9” long.


Step Five: GLUE

Glue the two half circles on one side, followed by the 3 ¾” ribbon in the middle.

Glue the cut out the livestock image you printed out earlier.



Turn the craft over and glue the folded 9” ribbon on the back.

Seal with scrapbook paper circle.

Personalize with a photo and the Christmas year if you desire.


This yields nine ordainments, with a total cost of materials around $0.55 per piece.


Happy Giving!!


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