Our three newest community partnerships come to you from the San Martin region of Guatemala. One of these newest communities is called San José.

San José is the single largest community in the 410 Bridge family of the San Martin area and they also have the youngest leadership council, which is always encouraging see young leaders rise up in a community. The leaders are currently working on completing training on the 410 Bridge model. San José is a patient community and understands the importance a good and strong foundation. Although the leadership council has already been established, San José has continued to actively “recruit” known leaders within their community. San José’s leadership council is eager to start completing goals and solving problems, they believe this is the best way to convince and motivate the skeptics within the community to join in on the development efforts!

Although it has proven difficult for them, San José has worked hard to move forward on their own during this pandemic. They successfully paved a small road in the community which was a prioritized section because it serves several elderly people who had trouble walking through the area to get to and from their homes.

This pandemic has truly shown us how wonderful and loving the people in the community of San José are and we are so excited for their journey of development and their future U.S partners who will walk alongside them!