Our three newest community partnerships come to you from the San Martin region of Guatemala. One of these newest communities is called El Rosario.

El Rosario currently has the smallest number of members on their leadership council out of the leadership councils in the San Martin area, they are also the smallest community but are actively looking to add more leaders so everyone in the community is at arm’s length from God and his plan for the 410 bridge there.

Because of the small number of members and the many chores they have as leaders in the community, the leadership council have been working hard to make time to train on the 410 Bridge model. They are focused on God and their community, their hearts share many of our values and they understand the importance of the training.

Besides being the smallest of the communities in the san Martin area for the 410 Bridge, El Rosario has had some big projects. The community has recently finished drilling a new well, and installed a generator and pump for the well. Currently, they are working on the distribution phase, building a distribution tank, and piping to all the associated households. Another bit of exciting news is a newly established women’s group, organized by the leaders of El Rosario, to help bring new opportunities and development to all women in the community. Additionally, since our first visit to El Rosario, they finished their community meeting building – adding doors, windows and electricity. And last but not least many of the men in the community have been working on maintaining the roads to the community.

It is truly encouraging to see a brand new partnered community understand the 410 model and begin projects on their own before we even step in to begin development work together. It is a great sign that El Rosario will go far, fast!
We look forward to everything God has in store for this community and it’s future U.S partners!