La Croix Community Update

This update came straight from our Haitian staff.

Project / Programs Currently Running:

  • Water project
  • Sponsorship program
  • BST training
  • WASH training

Latest update for the community as a whole:

Water project:

  • Everything is going well, the water system is almost finished, and the construction of the second phase is almost done. We are waiting for the installation of the water treatment facility. The community is impatient and they want to start using water from the water system. May 4th to 7th we had a training for the Wash Committee and the field employees of 410 Bridge (CCs, CCAs and RC). In the south region, we had a chance to test the water we use. This water was not safe to drink, it was full of bacteria and germs. The community is aware of the challenge and can’t wait to drink safe water.
Construction of the water project.

Sponsorship program:

  • The networking program is working well, but we needed to focus on the teachers, we had a training for them. Those from the south could not attended the training because of the political crises in the country. This training was developed to reinforce the teacher’s capacity and to help the schools administration. The program director and sponsorship program are trying to find a way to do it for people in the South, but they aren’t sure it’s possible.
  • The Community Child Advocate collected student grades and letters for sponsors.
  • We organized an evaluation for the network schools to help build data. This activity will help us with the annual evaluation.
  • This evaluation gives an idea on the evolution of the sponsorship program. Of a total of 466 children from 3 schools, there is only 28 children who are sponsored. More details below.  
# School name   Comm-unity       Nu-mber     Sponsor-ed kids Unsponsor-ed kids 
Ecole MESBH School de la Croix  La Croix  190 13 177 
Nouvelle Ecole de D-exia  La Croix  226                      8 218 
Ecole Maranatha de Bambou  La Croix  50                      7 43 
Total   466 28 438 

Goat project:

  • 20 people each received a goat through the goat project in the community. 

Economic development:

  • A Business Start-up Training was organized in the community of La Croix from April 8th to May 8th. The Leadership Council was very devoted and showed their management capacity to work with the trainers in the community and to help them reach their goals. The BST was planned for 58 people, but there were 40 in total at the training, the rest did not come. The LC got their own fund to finance the food and drink, books, pens and pencils for one month.  It was a big event that we had never seen in our community before.  
  • After the BST training, the LC tried to launch the MUSO (Mutual Solidarity), a strategy that they are going to use to gather the BST participants together to solve their economic problems.  
BST Graduation!


  • The Wash Training that was organized in the community of La Croix was to benefit a group of 13 people.  This training was organized by 410 Bridge in partnership with Water Mission and lasted four days.

 The training was divided into 4 modules, by cycle. 

  1. First Cycle: Using water and discussing the contamination
  2. Second Cycle: Water treatment and storage 
  3. Third Cycle: Good practices and body hygiene 
  4. Fourth Cycle: Good hygiene practice and sanitation areas 
  • There were 12 participants in this training from 3 different institutions, such as:
  • 5 people from 410 Bridge staff of the South area, 5 People from the community of Reno chosen by the LC as operator and WASH agent, 2 people from the LC.
  • This training was very important not only for the WASH Agent, but also for 410 Bridge staff. Our capacity increased and this reinforced us to do a great job. 
WASH Training

Biggest challenge community is facing if any? 

  • Our biggest challenge in the community of Reno is that more than 1,000 children are homeless, but we are focusing on helping them go to school so that they can change their community. The LCs are really concerned about that. Our biggest challenge is the homeless people and the school’s construction.

Story of a beneficiary with quote: 

  • Louis Jonatrice, a BST program participant, was part of the graduation. She said that she is very grateful for this training, she had been doing business for many years but she never knew that there was a lot of discipline involved in order to be successful in business. Now she applies them and her business is growing more every day.

How can we be praying for the community? 

  • Pray for spiritual, economic, and social change to happen in the community so that the life of all people can be improved.  
  • Pray for the Water project so that the community can drink safe water.

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