We asked the team in Kenya to share about their upcoming general elections. Fred Mwashimba, our Trips and Logistics Manager in Kenya, gives us a brief overview of what elections look like in Kenya along with two prayer requests during this season. Please take a few minutes to read his thoughts below and to join us in prayer. Thank you! 

“Here comes the season again that Kenya is holding a general election which happens in a cycle of 5 years. It’s a good feeling having an opportunity to choose leaders from the President, County Governors, senators among many other elective positions in the country. 

Politicians are busy across the country selling their plans, bids, and manifestos to the electorates of course the baseline is they are selling HOPE. Kenyans are optimistic the leaders they will choose will be able to resolve some of the issues they face especially in the tough economic times the country is facing. 

Currently it is campaigns all across the country, political rallies every other day early in the morning and late in the evening, driving cross Nairobi you’d notice that almost 90% of the billboards have faces of politicians seeking different seats, posters everywhere, you’d also see Kenyans seated in groups in their local communities dressed in t-shirts and hats with photos, logos and colors of the politician they support, local TV channels and radio is all politics as they work hard to ensure they keep the electorate abreast with what is going on. 

The church hasn’t been left behind as it fosters for peace and prayer that the elections will be peaceful and the one who has been ordained by God to be in the realms of power will take over.   

It is less than one week to the elections that will be held on Tuesday 9th August, and Kenyans across the country have mixed reactions towards this season. Some are happy and eager to exercise their democratic right while others wish this season ends peacefully so that they can go on with their normal activities without political interference. 

When it comes to the communities we serve, our vision is to support local churches and leadership in assessing and leveraging their community’s gifts and strengths in order to lift themselves from poverty, restore dignity, purpose, and freedom. Everything rises and falls on leadership. 


Please pray for Kenya: 

  1. Peace in our country during and after the elections, that there shouldn’t be any tribal clashes or ethnicity conflicts.
  2. Wisdom among the leaders who will be elected.”