Kandaria 8:00am-8:15am

Here in the States, what you’ll see in this video would have taken days…

The 410 Bridge community of Kandaria had to relocate a brand new 24,000 liter plastic water tank to a location deep within their community.  The tank was delivered to the outskirts of the community, but the cement platform that was built for it was 1-2 kilometers away – mostly uphill.

During my last visit, I heard they were going to move the tank by hand and I was eager to see it.  The journey started at 8:00 am, and believe it or not, it was completed by 8:15 am.  15 minutes!

It would have taken us days just to get the crane in place…  then the flatbed truck….  then clear a path…  then drive the truck to the platform…  then relocate the crane to take the tank off the truck… etc.  etc.

Not in Kandaria…


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