Holiday Open Team Meets to Plan Christmas in Kenya

Team Meeting
(L to R) Juli Bradley (Trips Assistant 410 Bridge), Edward Phillips (19A trip participant), Sara Terry (19A trip participant), Shayla Davis (410 Staff member and 19A trip leader), and Sharon Snyder (19A trip participant)

Last night (Monday, 12/7/09) The 410 Bridge hosted a team meeting for our Holiday Open Trip members.  A few of the team members were able to make it in person and almost all of the rest of the team chimed in by conference call.  It was a great time of fellowship and sharing updates for this team’s Christmas in Kenya itinerary.  The team members were excited to hear that they will be helping two different communities (Joska and Kwambekenya) pack and sort through the Christmas in Kenya gifts.  The team will also get to hand out gifts which will most likely take place in the children’s homes or during community home visits.  As we close in on our fund raising deadline (12/17/09) here in the states, we will be able to solidify these plans and will have even more details to share with the team.  Our team members are so excited about this opportunity and feel blessed to be a part of such a unique 410 Bridge trip experience!

For details on Christmas in Kenya or to donate, click here.


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