Hello – I was part of the 10 person team who traveled to Bohoc, Haiti the day after Christmas for the Children’s camp and I wanted to share a bit of our experience with you. The trip was unbelievable and more impactful than I, or we as a group, could have ever imagined. The relationships we were able to build in just one short week were monumental and my husband and I can’t imagine our future without additional trips to Bohoc, through 410 Bridge of course. Although the mission is to support and not give, the people and community of Bohoc acted as if we gave them all the money in the world simply because we were there. They are hands down the most grateful individuals, who also happen to be the strongest in their faith, that I have ever known and my life is forever changed from having met them.

Mesί, Mesί, Mesί.
And Bondye Beni-ou!