Higher Church & School Attendance Because of Water!

We wanted to share with a pretty awesome update we received from Ndibai community!  The water project has been running smoothly even with increased water demand reported during the dry season. The community is excited about the project as the water is available at all times and they ensure that water sales are properly managed.

This project has helped to alleviate poverty and improve the community member’s health, education, and spiritual matters. There has been increased church attendance among women and children as they don’t have to miss church going for longer distances in search of water.  They have improved in health status with marked reduction in cases of diarrheal diseases. Ndibai Primary School pupils have access to clean water and no longer have to carry drinking water from home to the school and those children no longer miss school because they need to search of water. This has resulted in increased enrollment in school and improved school performance. The water has kept the Foundations for Farming demo farm green, thus providing fresh vegetables to the community members.

So many great things are happening because of the Ndibai water project! Thank you to everyone who partners with and supports Ndibai. Your generosity is so clearly making a HUGE impact in many lives.




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