Haiti Trip Highlights

Lady in a green dress

The July 23-29, 2010 Haiti team retuned home with suitcases full of sweaty clothes, hearts full of love for the children we held, aching (in a good way) muscles from the painting and hauling and memories that will last a lifetime. When asked to describe highlights from the trip, here’s what they said…

“The worship experience at the Eglise de Dieu en Christ Church. Very spiritual and moving to witness the Haitians as they praised the same loving God.”

“Getting to know team members. What a compassionate and giving group of individuals who happened to come together at this particular time.”

“The driving tour. Seeing the pain and suffering up close and personal, mixed with occasional glances hope through rubble removal and clean up.”

“Watching the sheer joy on the face of a woman as we gave her an empty plastic container at the end of snack time.”

“Hearing the widow from the Bolosse home sing to us with heartfelt joy and passion for the Lord.”

“Walking through the tent city for the hearing impaired and seeing the cleanliness of the area and their pride in their tents. Sensing true appreciation for our visit.”

“Holding a stiff, unemotional child, who, over time loosened up, laughed and soaked up the love we had to offer.”

“Tossing buckets to a “street boy” who spontaneously joined our rubble removal assembly line. Despite our inability to communicate, he laughed and played with us as we tossed buckets to and fro.”

“Having a restless orphan infant fall comfortably asleep in my arms.”

“Noticing the peaceful woman in the green dress who was seated on the sidewalk, seemingly content with the world.”

“Bonding with one boy who showed leadership promise, followed by a bit of greediness during snack time. Despite that negative moment, there was potential for great things in this new little friend.”

“Having the opportunity to pull away from our daily lives, establishing a platform for new beginnings at home.”

“The timing of the trip. A pivotal time for many on the trip. Coincidental? Probably not.”

“Feeling the presence of the Lord. Nahum 1:3. His way is in the whirlwind and the storm.”

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