Groundbreaking on the New Church – Haiti

We are a little behind in our “Kyle Updates”.. so we are catching up this week. So much has been going on in 410 Communities around the world that we are challenged to keep up! Today, tomorrow and Wednesday, we will be sharing excerpts from 410 staffer, Kyle Reschke’s blog:

The biggest news of this week is that we have finally broken ground on the new church at Leveque!! We have been eagerly awaiting this day alongside of the deaf leaders who are excited not only for the jobs that church construction provides, but more importantly for the new opportunities to worship alongside their new deaf and hearing neighbors. Please be in prayer for the land, for the local leadership, for the workers, and for the residents of Leveque. Please pray that as the community worships together, they also use that time of worship as a foundation for fellowship, friendship, the true Biblical view of church and community, and the foundation of strength for the trials ahead.

I include here the text message I received from Mackenson as the heavy machinery rolled into Leveque to clear the land on Tuesday – “Brother now we see big car come for clean land for add church we very excised.” PRAISE THE LORD – I arrived at the community 5 minutes later to find William dancing on the hilltop as he waved us to walk up and check it out! We spent time up there with the team and with residents as we prayed over the land, worshipped together, and prayed once again for the Lord’s continued blessing and favor on the community at Leveque. Once again, keep these items in your prayers.

Also in big news over the last couple of weeks, our new education programs have been started and are going well. We have almost 3 dozen hearing children attending sign language classes 3 times a week with a young deaf leader named Alexis Ganesly. We also have English and Literacy classes meeting three times a week taught by a Haitian man we hired named Wisky.

Wisky covers the majority of the classes and is a very good man and a very good teacher. I teach every Wednesday evening for several hours and was pleased to find that the community overloaded the school house with a standing room only crowd and a line out the door for my class last Wednesday. I will need to write another post with the details of our exciting new education programs, but for now, they are truly one more source of possible unity between everyone in the area. The more opportunities for deaf and hearing people at Leveque to work and learn together, the more chances there will be for people to start friendships, to engage in life together, or at the very least, to begin learning about one another. When we take the time to learn about one another, we know that the beautiful truth of the inherent worth of all human life is undeniable.

Please keep these programs in your prayers – that the Lord would use them mightily to bring people together and change this nation forever!

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