Global 410 Bridge COVID Update

This year has thrown the world for a loop. As a community development organization that exists to help people lift themselves from extreme poverty, we’ve learned that in times of crisis, people don’t need development…they need relief. Over the years, we’ve faced natural disasters, political turmoil, and civil unrest.  During those times we’ve been careful about the amount of time we spend in “relief mode”.  It’s important for our communities and the progress of their self-development to move out of relief and into a period of restoration as quickly as possible so they can stabilize and continue their journey of development once again.

As COVID-19 continues to impact our country and the world, changing each day, our communities will know when the time is right for them to safely re-open.  Safely restarting businesses, re-opening schools, and churches are the new priorities over the coming months.

Please watch the three videos below for updates with our Executive Director, Kurt Kandler, and our Programs Staff! If you would like to help our communities prepare to re-open businesses, schools, and churches, please visit this link: We ask that you continue to join us in prayer as our communities continue to face uncertainty.


The 410 Bridge Team

Haiti COVID Update
Kenya COVID Update

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