This is a beautifully written blog post from a member of the Crosspointe team in Michura Kenya last week. Thank you Crosspointe for being an amazing partner!


Today was the conclusion of our time in Michura. We came as strangers knowing only familiar faces and names from previous stories and trips. We left with names, faces and souls etched into our hearts forever.

When we came into the village last Friday, the mud huts and children’s faces were images much like those seen in National Geographic. When we left, the huts were recognizable homes of our friends and the children had names and had captured our hearts.

Setting up a medical camp in less than an hour was chaotic and confusing. But stepping back today, I saw a process full of compassion and teamwork. Our medical professionals working alongside Kenyan medical officials; community leaders contributing to the order and making sure the sickest came through the doors; the 410 Bridge team doing what they could to make sure the health of the community is a priority – going so far as to get an Landrover ambulance up the mountain to the clinic doors in less than 30 minutes to save a woman’s life; and finally, the immense compassion of our team as we moved hundreds of patients through the triage, treatment, pharmacy and prayer.

While today was the conclusion of our time here, it was not the end. We left as family – as a member of the Michura community. In the past, I have heard many return from Michura and say the same. But now I have experienced it.