Foundations for Farming makes a big impact in Kaihura!

The following is an update from Edwin Indeche, our Agronomist & Foundations for Farming (F4F) Trainer in Kenya.

  • What is the main purpose of this program?

Foundations for Farming (F4F) is a concept of farming aimed at transforming community members to be food secure by practicing the four principles on profitable farming – On Time, At Standard, Without Wastage, and With Joy. This training is aimed at empowering more community members to be food secure by farming on a small portion of land under high management. Follow-ups after the training are necessary to ensure the trainees are practicing exactly what they were taught.

  • What specific progress are you reporting on?

We managed to visit over 40, F4F trainees in Kaihura. One of the highlights from the visit was that each farmer attested that last season was very productive due to the implementation of the farming concept on their farms. Out of the visited number, only 5% have not implemented the concept. The rest have done it in their own respective ways based on their areas of interests.

Mr. Paul Kusiima in his new banana plantation.
  • A success story of life transformation!

Mrs. Grace Kabegesa is a beneficiary of the F4F training done in Kaihura in May-June 2018. Out of the many topics taught she was most transformed by the money map aspect. She started saving since then and this year in March 2019 she managed to buy one acre of land next to her home for 7.6 million Ugandan shillings (210,000 Kenyan shillings, $2,100 USD). In that farm she has also managed to plant over 1,000 eucalyptus trees which have grown tall within two months to 7 feet. She expects to harvest the trees in ten years at approximately 3,000 Kenyan shillings ($30 USD) each, for a total of 3 million Kenyan shillings ($30,000 USD). She attributes everything to prayerfulness and unity between her and her husband. She also managed to buy a cow for 3,500 Kenyan shillings ($350 USD) from her savings. Her banana plantation is doing very well with more mulching and manure application.

Grace with her growing trees!

Thank you to everyone who has supported The 410 Bridge and Kaihura, because of you, Foundations for Farming is helping transform the community!

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