We are excited to share with you a life-changing opportunity for students in Kenya! A total of 139 students from 410 Bridge communities qualified and were accepted to some of the best secondary schools available.

This is an incredible accomplishment!   A quality education makes a huge difference in the lives of these students.

Will YOU consider sponsoring one of these students to send them to the top secondary schools in Kenya?

You can sponsor a student for their first year, or for all four years of secondary school. As a sponsor, you will change their life, and open a number of doors for their future. With secondary schools beginning this month, it is our desire to have these students sponsored as soon as possible.

Please click on a community below to change a student’s life.

**Because of the cost of secondary school, students require at least two sponsorships. Please feel free to share this opportunity with family and friends.

If you are a current sponsor and would be interesting in learning more about becoming a sponsorship advocate, CLICK HERE.