Empowering the Poor in Kenya: Creating Sustainable Solutions through Farming

Kiu, Kenya is one of the first communities The 410 Bridge began working in. “Kiu” means “thirsty” in Swahili, and the area is semiarid. When we first began working in Kiu, sustainable clean water was a top priority.  The community of Kiu now has access to clean water, allowing the Leadership Council to look at other ways to empower the poor within the community.

One of the empowerment programs the Leadership Council supported was The 410 Bridge Foundations for Farming program. This program has been so popular and successful in Kiu that we are on our third Foundations for Farming Training. 60 individuals signed up in late June to learn how to farm according to Biblical principles. These individuals have come together to learn how to be food secure on small plots of land, empowering them to create a solution for their own poverty. Minimum soil disturbance, crop rotations, soil cover, and economics are all new sustainable skills they learned that will provide income and lower the poverty level in their community.

Program participants practice growing corn, beans, green grams, and vegetables in a demo farming plot, helping them to learn sustainable farming principles that will lead to a solution for their poverty. They also plant fruit trees as a means of diversifying their crops. 142 total people in the Kiu community now understand sustainable farming principles and 800 households have been empowered to raise their income through this program.

Sustainable solutions for poverty farm demo plot
Trainees planting in the demo farm plot.

Farming is truly a victory for Kiu, it has brought so much joy, peace, and security within the community. Everyone in Kiu came out to gather to celebrate those who have graduated. Because of this program, the community is excited to embrace new concepts of farming that bring income, even when there was little to no rain. Those who were once struggling to feed their families now have a sustainable source of income and a way to provide for their loved ones.  

Previous foundations for farming trainee in his field of corn.
Previous Foundations for Farming Trainee in his field of corn

God’s hand has truly been on Kiu, Kenya. Because of the Foundations for Farming program, which is based on Biblical principles, 12 of the students gave their lives to Jesus! This does not only mean they benefit from the farming program here on earth, this means they benefit in eternal life through Jesus!

Mr. Indeche, who leads the training, said that he feels there are spiritual barriers at work in Kiu and he is very excited to see the Lord working in the community.

Mr. Katua came to the program very hopeless because he had been struggling with addiction, But when he came to Christ, everything changed. He shaved off his dreadlocks as a symbol of his trust in Jesus and became full of joy and life. He has even decided to re-establish his business of selling boiled eggs.

A man converted to Jesus during his farming training.
Mr. Katua in the middle with the other converts

This is why we at The 410 Bridge do what we do. We want to give people around the world not only sustainable economic solutions to poverty but spiritual solutions as well.

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed.- Proverbs 19:17

Our reward is seeing the lost come to know Jesus.

We all have a call:

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” -Matthew 28:18-20

There is more to life than chasing fame, a career, watching tv, or social media. There is a whole world that needs us to follow the Great Commission.  

Let us do all we can to glorify our God first and foremost and to praise Him for what He is doing in Kiu.

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