Can you believe it? This year, we have over 20 Daraja Alumni moving from Primary School into Secondary School. When this happens, we try extra hard to make sure that each student has 3 total sponsors in order to cover all of their fees and the leadership training events that we hold for them every year. This year, some of our students are short, and we would really love to have your help in getting sponsors for them.

Today, we are highlighting Elizabeth, Grace,  and Edwin.  All these guys were in the 2010 Daraja choir and live in the area of Kinangop. If you are interested in sponsoring them, please check it out here. They really need your help to get ready for high school this coming January!

Elizabeth Njoki 2010 - from our spring Alumni Retreat in 2012

Grace Wanjiku 2010


Edwin (on the right) with Mahinda at our 2012 Spring retreat