Community Update: SEGERA, KENYA

Heading into the summer and with many of you traveling to our 410 Bridge Communities in Kenya, we would love to share the most recent updates to the communities so that you are aware of what changes and growth has happened this year so far…

The following is information covered with our Segera Community church partners. We hope that all of you who have visited Segera will be encouraged at the growth and health in this community! (sorry there aren’t any pictures!)


  • There is continual Pastor training going on in the Segera area.  The 410 Bridge now has Stanley Kamau who handles all Pastor training in all of the 410 Bridge communities. Stanley has regular meetings with the Pastors to encourage them and unify them as a group. On March 9 he met with 11 pastors and did a teaching on unity, prayer and leadership.  He also encouraged each of them to visit the other churches to show support and unity among the churches.  On April 13 he again met with the pastors and they talked about pastors working as one and about efficiency in their services. The pastors are enjoying getting together and are excited to learn how to better teach God’s word and work together.  Both church partners, Brazos Point Fellowship and NewSpring , continue to do pastor training when their teams come to the area.  The influence of the Bibles the community now has and the increasing knowledge provided to the pastors will bring a new strength to the spiritual needs of the people.
  • The Ereri community now has water available to them which is a huge blessing to that area and will change the lives of the people there.
  •   Medical clinics have been held in the area by NewSpring and have been able to treat those needing care.
  • There is a girl named Jane in Segera who has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk.  Her mother carries her everywhere.  We were able to get her a special all terrain wheelchair donated by the Walkabout Foundation.  Jane is now able to go more places and her family is very grateful for this gift.
  • Julius, the child who was funded for cleft palate surgery in 2010 went in for his final check and is doing very well.  His mother says the surgery has changed the lives of the entire family.
  • Baby Irfan and his parents will depart for India this week.  The specialized heart surgery will take place at Miot Hospital.  We pray that all goes well and that this child can have a very long life.
  • A new nursery school has opened in Tutu and has nearly 70 students.  The community constructed the building with some small financial help for the roof from the 410 Bridge.
  • The Ereri school committee has decided to use one of the teachers houses for boarding class 8 students.  This decision was based on the availability of water at the school and will curb absenteeism due to the pastoral lifestyle.
  • Because of the availability of water the population of the area is slowly increasing.  Bibles will be distributed to these new people.
  • A new Nursery school is being built at Ewaso Nyero. Primary.
  • This summer a team from Brazos Point Fellowship will work at the Endana Secondary School constructing boys bathrooms/showers.  These boys now bath outside after dark.


Brightpoint for Children

  • There is still a need for sponsors for kids in the area.  Please encourage your church members to pray about sponsoring these kids.


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