The pastors from Ngaamba and Kiu participated in a two-day workshop. The theme of this workshop was “Back to the Bible.” The pastors discussed the need to approach preaching prayerfully, thoughtfully, and within the appropriate context and in constant reference to the Bible. They also discussed the importance of setting aside daily quiet time to spend reading the Bible and in prayer with the Lord.

Ngaamba and Kiu pastors pose together after the workshop

The introduction of the new building and free medical services at Itumbule Hospital has greatly improved the hospital and its ability to serve the community. It is now serving 188 patients per week; compared to before the new building commission, when the hospital was serving, at capacity, 60 patients per week.

This month, the Kwa Mungala residents of Ngaamba Central dug up the foundation for the first two classrooms of the startup school. This project is aimed to improve the condition of the preschool and lower grades classrooms, which is now held in the Africa Inland Church hall. It is also aimed to alleviate the five-kilometer walk to school for some pupils and decongest the Ngaamba Primary School classrooms.