The youth have become more involved in their churches; they have been attending Sunday school every week & many have joined the church choirs. They have even begun actively preaching the Gospel throughout Kiu and the surrounding communities! The youth have planned targeted activities for September with the men and women of their community; some of these activities will be a church choir competition and a men’s camp.

There were no reports of water borne diseases in Kiu during the rainy season! The community members are clean and healthy thanks to clean water in their community and the availability of a health facility in the community. The health facility has transformed the lives of the community members and the overall health of Kiu has greatly improved.

The students of Kiu took end of terms exams in August and performed very well! The school leadership and community are very proud of their students and believe their students are the beginning of a promising future. The parents, teachers, and school leadership have been meeting regularly to review the students’ grades and strategize for better performance and higher quality education.

Thank you to everyone who has visited, invested in, and prayed for Kiu!