The pastors have decided to hold one joint crusade per month hosted by the churches of Karogoto; they have decided to host the crusades in an effort to reach the unchurched in their community. The first crusade was help in September; a gentleman from the community surrendered his life to Christ during this first crusade!

Community member surrendering his life to Christ at the September joint crusade

The community is working diligently to have water distributed throughout their community and the villages surrounding them. Ibiriri village has safe water running to the homesteads since the community members raised the total funding needed to pipe the clean water; Kahara village raised funds for water distribution to Kahara Primary School and the community beyond the school; Kiamuhari village has also raised funds for piping throughout their community.

The Knitting Facility shelving project is complete! The women are now able to store and display their products with pride!