The Living Water Treatment System (LWTS) in Chadirac continues to give the community clean water. The community members work together every day to keep their water safe and clean.

The people of Chadirac are very excited to be a part of The 410 Bridge Sponsorship Program! They are looking forward to the progress and opportunities the program will bring to their community and children. If you have an interest in sponsoring a child in Chadirac, please visit our Sponsorship website

So far, the Leadership Council of Chadirac has purchased a cow, pig, goat and chicken thanks to the generous donations from The 410 Bridge 2012 Livestock Program.

The community of Chadirac would like to thank the teams who have visited and invested in them, the community members are continuing to grow in the Word of God. The community would also like to thank the team from Oak Bridge team who visited them in June and worked alongside them widening the road and investing in their children.