While in Kenya after Christmas I had the opportunity to work with leaders from our 4 Ngaamba communities in making a comprehensive map of the water system already in place in the Ngaamba area.  It was such a neat time to watch leaders from 4 separate leadership councils work together on a common goal, WATER.   This is what The 410 Bridge is about, leaders working together for the benefit of the people in their communities.  Water projects that have been completed in Ngaamba with the help of The 410 Bridge have made an incredible impact on the community.  We tend to think these projects only provide water, but leaders seeing vision for their communities is another huge benefit of these projects.  Only through the leaders guiding and the communities taking ownership will hope grow.  What a huge opportunity this was to see The 410 Bridge model in action.  Leaders gaining vision, hope growing and a community that is being transformed from within.  This is what we are about at The 410 Bridge.