Chickens for Teachers, Goats for Cousins, Cows for Parents

My husband and I are blessed beyond measure, as are our friends. Last year for Christmas, we wanted to find a way to honor our relationships without running around town to find the perfect sweater or other item that none of us really needed. We decided to purchase a cow last year and it was such a hit with my family and friends, this year we decided to buy a barn. In addition, every family that we “shared” the cow with last year has decided to do the same for their friends and family this year! They too, are purchasing chickens for teacher’s gifts, goats for a cousin, or a cow for their parents. To help out gift recipients understand how important livestock is to the people of Kenya, Uganda, and Haiti, along with the gift announcement card, we included a beautifully illustrated book titled 14 Cows for America by Carmen Agra Deedy, Thomas Gonzalez, and Wilson Kimeli Naiyomah. It serves as a lingering reminder that their gift continues to give life and sustenance to others who are struggling for daily survival.                 -Judy W.

Give the gift of livestock this holiday season

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