Not sure where I heard the phrase “chewy nugget” first, but I’ll give credit to my good friend Eric Helman.  Eric and I worked together for a brief time before we both moved on to our current gigs.  Eric would talk about people’s “chewy nugget” – that one issue or perspective or opinion that was so important to a person that it was almost the lens through which they saw and processed every issue.

I decided to hijack Eric’s little colloquialism here at The 410 Bridge, and it seems to be taking hold.  Lanny (our founder) even used it the other day…

As it relates to what we do, a “chewy nugget” is the one thing that someone has a strong passion for, or interest in.  For some folks it’s orphans and vulnerable children…  for others it’s water…  HIV/Aids… men’s ministry… church planting…  evangelism…  micro-lending…  and the list goes on and on.

For me it’s education…  Quality education can address so many other issues in a community – health issues, disease abatement, unemployment, proper water & sanitation, drug abuse, etc. etc.  It’s not much different here at home… A solid education goes a long way to addressing many of our social and economic woes.

Don’t misunderstand…  Chewy Nuggets are definitely not silver bullets.  We haven’t found any silver bullets in our world.  But chewy nuggets do exist and that’s OK.  Great really!  We all have them and that’s a good thing.  Figure out what yours is and embrace it.  The beautiful thing about The 410 Bridge is that everyone’s chewy nugget can be put to work in every 410 Bridge community.

What’s yours?