Progress is continuing to be made in Chembulet community! As you may know, it has been a difficult journey to find safe drinking water in the Chembulet community. Many prayers, projects, and water testings have occurred in the effort to find a long-term solution for safe water across the entire community.

Below is the scope of the current water revisions being made:

  • The tank pad 5000lt and 2m high is 100% done
  • The three handwashing stations are 85% completion
  • The three tap stands are at 35% completion
  • Pre-treatment tank pads are at 30% completion
  • 2 water kiosks where people can fetch water are at 50% completion
  • Trenching is at 30% completion
  • Solar racks are at 30% completion

Recently, construction began on the community water tower. Check out the photos below!

Foundation for water tower

Please continue to keep the community of Chembulet in your prayers. We pray that the community will continue their progress towards a long-term water solution. Continue to pray for the safety of all community members as they continue to battle the COVID-19 pandemic.