Camp Mary Community Update

This is an update straight from our Haiti staff.

Project / Programs Currently Running:

  • Sponsorship program 
  • Hope Savings Group 
  • Water Project 
  • Build training for pastors 
  • Community gardens 

Latest update for the community as a whole:

1) Sponsorship program, is still in progress in the community and the community members really appreciate this program. 50 kids have been sponsored at 3 network schools in Camp Mary community.  

2) Hope Savings Group, it’s a sustainable program that 410 Bridge brought to the community to improve people lives and it has been really impactful because it gives people access to get loans to make informal business and take care of their families and other related needs.  There are 80 saving and credit groups from different churches who are all working very well in Camp Mary community. More than 50 people have received loans from the saving and credit groups to start their informal businesses to take care of their families and begin to improve their lives. 

3) Water project, the population from Camp Mary and different localities around it are still drinking water from the water system. As you know, many years ago, people from this community were suffering from a lack of clean water, but with the creation of the water system, not many people fall ill to waterborne illnesses anymore.

4) Community gardens the community garden is still providing plantains and beans for the community and the area is also still used as a demonstration plot to grow vegetable crops. We’ve harvested beans and plantains from the community garden and there’s a lot more plantains to be harvested in the demonstration plot. 

5) Build training 15 pastors have been trained during launching the Build program in Camp Mary and they were very happy and can’t wait to continue with this training. The visit of the Prairie Lakes team and the camp organized by the US team have had a very positive impact in the community and the majority of children who participated in the Camp were filled with joy.  

Biggest challenge community is facing if any? 

  • The biggest challenge the community of Camp Mary is facing is the lack of an irrigation system in order to get water to the crops of the farmers during the dry season. Therefore, years ago the farmers used to work by waiting for the rains to irrigate the crops, sometimes they were lucky or unlucky and lost everything from the garden.

Story of a beneficiary with quote: 

  • Pastor Molaisse Pierre is 52 years old, he’s the father of 6 children. He’s the president of the LC in Camp Mary and he’s very happy about the camp that Prairie Lakes Church organized.
  • Pastor Molaisse Pierre said: “As an active pastor in the community, we are pleased to welcome and support the visit of several groups in Camp Mary. Some activities are more impactful than others. I’ve seen all kind of events in this community, but the camp organized by Prairie Lake in May 2019 is a historic event. In all my experience in the Camp Mary, I’ve never seen such a wonderful activity organized by any group like that. The camp was surprising and great. More than 135 kids participated, and all of them enjoyed it.

How can we be praying for the community? 

  • Pray for the community to have better education for the kids 
  • Better health access for the population and sustainable social-economic development that will benefit everyone in the community. 

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