Business Start-up Training helps young girl turn life around in Tumutumu!

Our Business Start-up Training (BST) helps men and women in our communities learn how to start or strengthen a business, so that they can not only sustain themselves and their families, but help others in the community thrive as well. The successes we have seen across our Kenyan communities in the lives of those who have had the opportunity to experience BST has been incredible. Many go on to create savings accounts and to even provide jobs for others in their communities.

A huge component of our BST classes focus on the spiritual aspects of running a business. Numerous people over the years have accepted Christ into their lives through the course of attending a BST and have changed the way they do business because of the virtues and biblical lessons they learn. Below is a story shared by our Economic Development Program Coordinator, Micah Mwati, about a young girl who was deeply impacted by BST…

“The training brought together several youths from the community, some high schoolers and some in college, but due to covid they have found themselves spending most of their time at home and idle. This has caused some of them to engage in several bad habits some as a result of peer influence and some they are picking from social media as they spend most of their time online.

Yvonne Mwende is one girl who has been negatively influenced by her peers. She began drinking and engaging in immoral behavior, finally leading her to run away from home to stay with her “bad group”.

When Yvonne’s mother heard about the training, she forwarded her daughters name to us and although she was invited, she never attended the first day or second day, but finally appeared on the third day!

During training she was always on her phone and never seemed interested. As the training unfolded, she began to change, especially during devotions when the word was shared. she began to respond, even participating and leading worship. The trainer had several side sessions with her during break outs, which is where she poured her heart out and explained the challenges in her life that were leading to her misconduct.

She has since changed and her mother has testified she has see n a great change in her daughter’s life! We continue praying for the entire class, for God to continue using and working through them to bring lasting transformation.”

This is just one story among so many of how a life has been transformed through our BST classes. Sometimes it’s not always about the business successes that come after, but about men and women getting their lives back on a positive track for themselves and their families.

Thank you to everyone who supports and prays, not only for Tumutumu community, but for the power that our Business Start-up Training can have in the lives of many! We are SO grateful for you.


A few students from this BST graduating class, with Yvonne standing to the left, center, in orange.


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