Bousquette Community Update

This is an update straight from our 410 Bridge Haiti Staff.

Project / Programs Currently Running:

  • Water project
  • Discovery Kids
  • School garden

Latest update for the community as a whole:

We met with the LCs in the community. The goal of this meeting was to discuss the impact of the water system as well as talk about the school garden. 

  • The LC has stated that the water system has impacted the people in the community and almost everyone uses it. People come from both sides of the community to come and buy the water. Water Mission requested two gourdes per gallon as community participation, but the Leadership Council lowered it to one gourde to give the community a better chance to use the water.
  • There was also a meeting with the LC to talk about the Hope International Program (savings groups).  There were nine members present. We met on the courtyard of the Baptist Church and gave out a form to regroup the churches of the community. 
  • We have a soil preparation activity for the students of the school to do before the transplant.  The Director of the school and the Community Child Advocate attended this activity, but not many students joined that day.  

Environment Training:

  • We were with the Bishops of Evangelical Baptiste on May 1st, discussing the use of agriculture and labor and trying to create stabilization in the environment. The topic presented was: “the impact of environmental degradation on our health”, and we wanted to target classes 4th, 5th and 6th. This training is very instructive, these students will be pleased with how they are now going to protect the environment. They were ready and excited to answer the questions. The director of this school was very happy with this training. 
Learning about the environment!

Discovery kids:

  • The students of Evangelical Baptist School in Bousquette are furrowing the ground for the transplantation of vegetable crops. The Director of the school and the CCA were present during this activity. There were more than 50 students participating. 
  • Meeting with the Education Manager to connect the school leaders and faculty with knowledge.
  • We met with the parents about handing over the notebooks. Forty parents and eight staff from the school were present.

Flag and Agriculture party: 

  • This party brought awareness and touched on the importance of a flag to a country and talked about meaning behind different colors, etc.  As far as agriculture was concerned, the concept of agriculture was defined for children. We also talked about environmental protection.
Learning about the Haitian Flag.

Writing letters: 

  • This activity is about helping students write letters to his/her sponsor. This process allows the children to establish a very good relationship with the sponsor and the sponsors to stay informed on the growth of the child. It also allows them to properly trace the letters.
Writing Letters to their sponsors in the US!

Inauguration  of the drinking water system: 

  • To mark the end of the construction of the drinking water project, an inauguration was celebrated on June 18, 2019. The H-06 BB team and the Program Director (PD) of 410 Bridge/Haiti participated in this great ceremony. We noticed the presence of leaders from the area. The team understands the feasibility of this project after participating in the inauguration.
The water distribution point.

Biggest challenge community is facing if any?

Community market: 

Because there is no market in the community, people have had to travel miles to go shopping. 

Construction of the Evangelical Baptist School: 

After Matthew, the school was destroyed, so we have to operate in the Church. It has caused a lot of fuss in the Church. 

Psychological assistance for students 

Canals irrigation

Agriculture is the most important activity in the community, but there is a problem with watering the plants. There is a river but it is difficult to reach the plots for the distribution of water.

Story of a beneficiary with quote:

The community thanks The 410 Bridge for the drinking water system. This project is important in the community because the rate of infection and typhoid has decreased since.

Rose Jean testifies that she has three children that are sponsored. She thanks The 410 Bridge for helping her with the school’s fees and keeping her children healthy.

Rose Jean

Mr. Gaspard testified that he has no regret of participating in the Business Start-UP Training. Before, he spent money without care, now he knows how to spend. He has made much more profit. He thanks 410 Bridge for this valuable training. 

Mr. Gaspard at his shop

How can we be praying for the community?

  • Pray for health in the community. 
  • Pray for the spiritual life of families in the community.
  • For the execution of our projects. 
  • Pray for the LC so that they are always ready to serve their community.
  • Pray for challenges to be realized.

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