Back to Business: BST Online Mentorship Program

This month, four communities in Kenya were able to participate in a BST online mentorship program. Not only were trainees able to talk about their businesses, they were able to pray and read the Word of God together. We are so grateful for the staff members and participants that made this mentorship program possible!


The BST online mentorship took place on July 13. Before the training began, participants took the time to pray and read Philippians 4:6-7, Proverbs 28:18 and Mark 10:46-52. Trainees were encouraged to:

  • Take care of their businesses
  • Search for new opportunities
  • Work together to create more business

The community members in Irigithathi were grateful to have an opportunity to interact with their facilitators, ask questions, and learn ways of survival during this season.

Women Trainees in Irigithathi


The BST online mentorship took place in Kahuria on July 14. The program began with reading from the book of Luke. Mwai and Edwin were the group facilitators. Mwai explained that it is beneficial to form business groups. Edwin was resourceful as he answered challenging questions from farmers.


The BST online mentorship took place in Chembulet on July 15. 11 trainees participated in the training and they all belong to a group known as the “The Shepherd of the Golden Goose”.  The program began with the reading of Mark 10: 46-52 and Luke 10: 38-52. Mwai and Edwin facilitated the session and were able to answer all of the questions proposed by the trainees.

BST Trainees in Kahuria

Kiu and Irigithathi:

Irigithathi and Kiu had a joint mentorship session on July 18. The session began with the reading of 2 Kings 4:1-7 and Proverbs 16:3.

The session was unique because the trainees were able to hear from an apiculture farming expert, Mr. Austin Odhiambo from Apiculture Venture. He taught the trainees about the importance of bee-keeping. Trainees were intrigued and had many questions. Many of the trainees from Kiu had requested expert advice because have been interested in beginning a bee-keeping business. The Irigithathi “Gifted Hands SHG” benefited greatly from the training because they practice bee-keeping.


BST Trainees from Kiu, Irigithathi, Chembulet, and Kahuria were able to participate in an online mentorship program. Although these training sessions are different than they have been in the past, they have still been extremely beneficial to BST trainees. We appreciate everyone who has contributed to the success of this program and are looking forward to seeing how it will continue to grow in the future.

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