Baby Mugo Born in Kwambekenya!

In 2007 the number one priority for the community of Kwambekenya was a medical clinic.  The nearest hospital is ten kilometers (a little over 6 miles) away, and public transportation is limited, unreliable and unsafe.  The community told us stories of how children were being born on the side of the road because the mothers didn’t make it all the way to the hospital.

The Kwambekenya medical clinic officially opened in July, 2009 and the first baby was born at the clinic this week.  Mary is the daughter of Jecinta and David Mugo.  She weighed about 5lbs at birth and we understand that both mom and baby are doing well.

As many of you know, little Mary’s father – David – was The 410 Bridge Community Representative for Kwambekenya and Karima before he was tragically killed in a matatu accident in March.  David played a major role in establishing the medical clinic and we thank God that his daughter was the first baby born in the facility.


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