An American in Michura

Thank you to Mira from Crosspointe Church who is our guest blogger today!
So I’m back from Kenya and after a few days of decompressing I’ve decided to post what I wrote after my first full day in Kenya. I wrote more as the week went on so I’ll be happy to post those later on. I just wanted to share my thoughts after the first day in Michura. Also, at the bottom I’ve posted a few photos of the adventures we had later on in the week. 
The phrase that has been on repeat in my head all day today is, “I can’t believe I’m in Kenya.” Today was our first real day in Kenya and after staying in Nairobi for the night we headed straight for Michura. After a hysterical, adventurous, and yes, safe, bus ride we made it the place very quickly dubbed as “our second home”. We began walking the 30 minutes to the village, since the road is incredibly rocky and our bus can’t make it the entire way.
As soon as we parked the bus, women and children arrived to give us a greeting that was too perfect for words. Never in my entire life have I ever felt so welcome. Everyone was singing songs, hugging us, shaking our hands, and giving us flowers. They walked with us down to the village and then proceeded to ask us to dance with them. To see two groups of people, from two totally different worlds, unite and celebrate what God has done for us and will do for us, is an experience that surely only God could have designed. I never would have ever met the beautiful people that my team here and the people back home at Crosspointe are working to serve if it wasn’t for God’s most perfect and unfailing love.
The people of Michura don’t know us as individuals, our personalities, or our baggage. And they loved us immediately. They see our team as a group of people who are willing to serve them to the best of our abilities. They see a group of people who traveled across the world to show them that we, and this ‘we’ includes Crosspointe, love them. They sang, danced, and rejoiced because we were here. That was it. No preconceived notions, no ill feelings, just love. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? We are all so busy with our lives that yes, are meaningful, but we so often forget to just love someone. With no strings attached or commitments, just love. The people of Michura did nothing but show us incredible love today.
I can’t believe that today is only the first day of our time together. There was already so much laughter expressed, tears shed, and sore feet that none of us are really sure what the rest of our time here will hold. And it is evident that God is here in every bit of laughter, every tear drop stain on our shirts, and in the aches in our feet. The people of Michura have it backwards, today they mentioned that they are so thankful that we are here to bless them. But I disagree, they have already blessed us, and it’s only day one.
– Mira

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