As some of you may know, parts of Kenya are currently experiencing extreme drought. It’s a serious problem and is affecting much of the country. Some say this is the worst drought the country has experienced in decades, causing deaths throughout the Turkana region and Eastern Kenya.

While none of our 410 Bridge communities are being directly impacted by the drought, we found out this week that they ARE collecting out of their resources to give to those in need. In the community of Kwambekenya, they have begun to mobilize foodstuff to send. They hoped to collect 30 bags of assorted goods: potatoes, cabbage and carrots… which would be a huge help as the famine continued. In the end, the three 410 Bridge communities in the Kinangop district donated over 120 bags of potatoes and 50 bags of cabbage and carrots, totaling over $5,000 worth of food… All of this from a place where the average daily household income is around $2.50 a day.

“It is amazing how wealthy we are in America, yet so private with our possessions. While others– whom we Americans consider ‘needy’– are giving out of their small supply to help others and bring glory to God. I feel like there’s a true lesson to be learned here. May we all be as faithful and generous with what God has blessed us with.” – Christi Baker, 410 Staff member.