Redefining the War on Poverty

For too long, we have seen the poor as a set of problems to be solved, but in reality, they are the solution!

How? By creating a paradigm shift in worldview perspective!
Join us on our mission to change how the west engages the poor, by doing “with” not “for”.
Walk alongside entire communities in Haiti, Guatemala, Uganda, and Kenya, empowering them to define and achieve success across five key areas – water, spiritual development, health, economic development, and education.

Together we CAN create sustainable change on not just one, but both sides of the bridge!

“Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others”

1st Peter 4:10

Our year in review! It’s been a wild ride, but WOW – look what the Lord has done!!! Check out all the different programs and projects 410 Bridge has executed in Haiti, Kenya, Uganda, and Guatemala!

Thank you for playing a vital role in the programs and projects we have been able to accomplish this year, we are excited for our continued partnership and growth in 2023.

Sponsor A Child

For $39 a month, sponsor a child through 410 Bridge, and support educational and spiritual programs that ignite children’s self-developing capabilities to dramatically transform how they view themselves and their role as the solution to the poverty problem. As a sponsor, you’ll build a relationship with your sponsor child and walk with them on their journey of development.

"If You Really Want To Help"

Pre-order your copy of “If You Really Want to Help,” a brand new book from our founder, Kurt Kandler, today! It details the origin story of 410 Bridge, the basic components of 410’s community-initiated development model and offers a solution to the poverty problem that is rooted in Christian biblical worldview. The book  proves that people really can lift themselves out of poverty if they are allowed to take the lead.

Read the latest from our blog!

In my new book – If You REALLY Want to Help – I share a story of an object lesson we’ve been using with community leaders since the beginning of 410 Bridge. It goes something like this… 

When we meet with leaders in the early days of a partnership, we present a long piece of rope and ask one of the leaders to hold one end of the rope while we hold the other. We use the rope to describe their community’s relationship with 410 Bridge by attempting to move the leader by pushing the rope