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Who We Are

At 410 Bridge we believe we must redefine the war on extreme poverty, how to win it, what it means for the people and communities living in poverty, and how we fight that battle together.

What We Do

410 Bridge engages with global communities stuck in extreme poverty to achieve two primary objectives:

1. Indigenous Leadership

Partner with community leaders to define success and prioritize initiatives across the 5 critical areas for community development



Work with community leaders to become their own solution in the war on poverty, to redefine and shift their perspectives on leadership and ownership of decisions, results and success onto the community itself. 


The outcome =
Community Graduation

We measure our success not by what we do for the community, but what the community does for itself. Our goal is to get communities to the point of graduation, where they no longer need help from outsiders.

How We Do It

410 Bridge partners with local community leaders, at their invitation, to help them activate their communities, and define and achieve success across the 5 key areas of:


Featured Stories

Some good news for you this week!

Some good news for you this week!

This week, we wanted to continue to update you with the most important information we know about how COVID-19 is affecting our communities, but we also wanted to try something new. Good news. We could all use a bit of it right now, right? Our Program Managers, Amy and...

May 19th COVID-19 Global Update

May 19th COVID-19 Global Update

Over the last two weeks, our global team has been working tirelessly to reach our communities with food, education materials, megaphones - used for socially distanced church services and health education, and more. Thousands of families have food that will last them a...