Who We Are

The 410 Bridge is a community development organization that engages followers of Christ to help people in developing nations lift themselves from poverty, restoring dignity, purpose and freedom.

What We Do

Our Development Model

Indigenous Leadership

A leadership council, comprised primarily of local pastors and leaders is established. They then assess their gifts and greatest needs.

Development Plan

Leadership prioritizes the areas of development and makes an action plan. The 410 Bridge and its partners then come alongside the community to help them reach their goals.

Community Graduation

We measure our success not by what we do for the community, but what the community does for itself. Our goal is to get communities to the point of graduation, where they no longer need help from outsiders.

How We Do It

5 Key Areas Of Development


Featured Stories

Fond Baptiste’s Water Victory!

Fond Baptiste’s Water Victory!

Fond Baptiste is a community in the St. Marc region of Haiti that was desperate for water with an estimated 500 households and 4,000 people living in the area. The remote village sat high up on a mountain, and traversing the roads to reach the people was extremely...

Employers Are Better than Employees…

Employers Are Better than Employees…

Blog by Kurt Kandler I used to think that education was the backbone of development.  I was wrong.  It’s economic development. Sure, education is a critical component to break the cycle of extreme poverty, but the reality in the communities where 410...