The 410 Bridge began partnering with the community of Mutirithia in 2018. It neighbors the 410 communities of Endana and Ereri in the Segera region. The most common occupations include livestock rearing and small-scale businesses. The community is not well networked in terms of roads and it can be a challenge to access during the rainy season and they often have to rely on surrounding communities for social amenities. Despite these challenges, Mutirithia is excited about working with 410 and improving their community. The first priority being having access to clean, safe drinking water. Removing the barriers for students to receive a quality education is next!

Stories from Mutirithia

We are Christians when it suits us

A young Kenyan man stood up and addressed the room, almost all of whom were his elders. “We are Christian husbands only when it suits us.” He paused for effect, then continued, “But when it does not suit us, we point to our culture and become cultural

Mutirithia Community Updates: Business and Beyond

We are thankful for the generosity you have shown towards the Mutirithia community over the last few months. We are amazed by the dedication of the Mutirithia Leadership Council, the church pastors, and 410 Bridge staff who have continued to work diligently throughout this difficult season. At

A huge impact on the children of Mutirithia!

This is a raw report from our Kenya 410 Bridge Staff. The Discovery Kids program focuses on discipeling and mentoring young children from our local primary schools. The main purpose of this program is to help the children discover their spiritual talents, hence help them to embrace

Top Priorities


Project Details: Leadership Development Training with Leadership Council


Project Details: Water Distribution


Project Details: Business Start-Up Training 


Project Details: Community Health Volunteer Training – 1st training program

Help restore Mutirithia toward dignity, purpose and freedom!

Sponsor A Child!

From Mutirithia

Sponsorship is a much bigger part of a unique model to graduate communities. Because of your generous heart, sponsored students are able to help their community move toward a sustainable future and community graduation.

It means that future generations would be able to run successful businesses and make enough money to feed their families and send their children to school. With your help, it means they can now help their community lift themselves from poverty, restoring dignity, purpose and freedom.