Morency is located outside of Les Cayes and is home to beautiful beaches. Its economy is mainly based on fishing and agriculture. The community was hit fairly hard by Hurricane Matthew and is working hard to rebuild. Education development is one of the greatest areas of need in the community; most of their students go to school in the city.

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Morency Community Update: Bibles & Beans

During this time in history, we have been given the opportunity to innovate how we serve and love one another. Thanks to the generosity of our partners and the dedication of Morency’s Leadership Council, and the 410 Bridge staff, there is an abundance of good work being

Morency Community Update

This is an update on Morency, Haiti, straight from our Haitian staff… Projects / Programs Currently Running: Water project Sponsorship program Goat project Economic development Discipleship Latest update for the community as a whole: Water project: It’s working very well in the community. The population takes water

Chicken & Egg Trainings in Southern Haiti

When we launched the Chicken & Egg Initiative post Hurricane Matthew, the goal was to help get families back on their feet again by doing something that would have a significant impact on the economy. We have been blow away by the impact the initiative is making

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Project Details: Discovery Kids Program


Project Details: HOPE Savings Group, Fishing Project

Help restore Morency toward dignity, purpose and freedom!

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Sponsorship is a much bigger part of a unique model to graduate communities. Because of your generous heart, sponsored students are able to help their community move toward a sustainable future and community graduation.

It means that future generations would be able to run successful businesses and make enough money to feed their families and send their children to school. With your help, it means they can now help their community lift themselves from poverty, restoring dignity, purpose and freedom.