Monac is a farming community located in a dry, mountainous area of the Central Plateau region close to Bohoc. The community faces great economic challenges. The average monthly income is less than $10 and most of the population is unemployed. In spite of these challenges, Monac has a phenomenal Leadership Council and the local church is a strong, vibrant place where the community comes together. The LC has decided their main priority is access to clean, safe water.

Stories from Monac

Monarch Community Update

This update is straight from our 410 Bridge Haitian Staff. Project / Programs Currently Running: Sponsorship program Water project Savings and Credit Ministry BST program Latest update for the community as a whole: The Monarch community has struggled to find clean drinking water for a long time.

Nativity in Monarch

Check out this update from our good friend Jen Ayres from one of Monarch’s church partners! Our team of 7 had a very fruitful trip to Monarch, we truly feel that the insights gained from the community on this trip show incredible promise. We feel that our

New School Block in Monarch!

Check out this beautiful new school block in Monarch! It contains four classrooms that the students in the community are already taking full advantage of and learning in. We are so excited to see this community take such great steps forward in their development! Thank you to

Top Priorities


Project Details: Water Phase I – Safe Water Access


Project Details: Construction of a new school building


Project Details: Discovery Kids Program

Help restore Monac toward dignity, purpose and freedom!

Sponsor A Child!

From Monac

Sponsorship is a much bigger part of a unique model to graduate communities. Because of your generous heart, sponsored students are able to help their community move toward a sustainable future and community graduation.

It means that future generations would be able to run successful businesses and make enough money to feed their families and send their children to school. With your help, it means they can now help their community lift themselves from poverty, restoring dignity, purpose and freedom.