La Croix



La Croix is located outside La Caye and is the most urban community where 410 Bridge works. It’s also one of the largest 410 communities. The Leadership Council is very strong and united. They have placed a strong emphasis on clean water and economic development. We’re excited to continue partnering and see the ways La Croix continues to grow under their leadership.

Stories from La Croix

La Croix Community Update

This update came straight from our Haitian staff. Project / Programs Currently Running: Water project Sponsorship program BST training WASH training Latest update for the community as a whole: Water project: Everything is going well, the water system is almost finished, and the construction of the second

Chicken & Egg Trainings in Southern Haiti

When we launched the Chicken & Egg Initiative post Hurricane Matthew, the goal was to help get families back on their feet again by doing something that would have a significant impact on the economy. We have been blow away by the impact the initiative is making

La Croix Receives Chickens!

Our staff has been hard at work in southern Haiti distributing chickens as part of our post-Hurricane Matthew rehabilitation plan. The distributions we have held already in other communities such as Kalapa, have gone very well and we are hopeful and excited that these beneficiaries will also

Top Priorities


Project Details: Water Phase I – Safe Water Access


Project Details: Business Start-Up Training, HOPE Savings Group

Help restore La Croix toward dignity, purpose and freedom!

Sponsor A Child

From La Croix

Sponsorship is a much bigger part of a unique model to graduate communities. Because of your generous heart, sponsored students are able to help their community move toward a sustainable future and community graduation.

It means that future generations would be able to run successful businesses and make enough money to feed their families and send their children to school. With your help, it means they can now help their community lift themselves from poverty, restoring dignity, purpose and freedom.