San Martin – Chipila



Spread along the crest of a hill, Chipila is a small and welcoming community made up mostly of coffee producers. Its people are known for their solidarity. In fact, it’s the only community of the three in the San Martin area to have their own school. Part of it is made with recycled bottles! The community saw the need to expand their school, so they reached out for help and with it, the community collected more bottles to help build more classrooms.

What is the community known for?

They are known because the women of the community weave and make typical costumes, in addition to being very positive leaders and they like to work for their community.

Main Economic Activity

Production of coffee and some vegetables for sale in local markets.

Stories from San Martin – Chipila

Learning about our new community: Chipila

Our three newest community partnerships come to you from the San Martin region of Guatemala. One of these newest communities is called Chipila. Chipila has a very interesting and heartwarming story with the 410 Bridge. The community became part of the 410 family because the previous community

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