El Triunfo




El Triunfo is a coffee-producing community. Lately, and due to its geographical position, they have had problems with climate change and with diseases that affect coffee plantations. And along with low prices internationally, some families have made the decision to migrate. However, it is one of the newest communities that work with the 410 Bridge and is very friendly and willing to work hard. The top priorities are improving education, the health system, and supporting families who need it most in the community. The leaders from El Triunfo want to be a role model for children who are the future leaders of the community.

What is the community known for?

It is a very close community, all the people are very cooperative, most of the people attend churches. It is a community that started with two families so most of the people have the surname Solis or Saucedo. It is a community that is known for having abundant water.

Main Economic Activity

The main economic activity is coffee. The vision of many people is to be able to have cattle and fish production. Currently, many people plant their own corn and beans.

Stories from El Triunfo

El Triunfo Community Update

This is an update straight from our staff in Guatemala! Project/Programs Currently Running: Restrooms project at El Triunfo, Primary School. Round tables with Guatemala Próspera. Organizational strengthening Latest update for the community as a whole: 1) Restroom project at El Triunfo, Primary school, this endeavor project was

Top Priorities


Project Details:
Build facilities for the health clinic and provide equipment and medicine for it.
Support the families with kids with special needs.


Project Details: Build a kitchen for the primary school.

Help restore El Triunfo toward dignity, purpose and freedom!