Today’s post is from the Seacoast Church team blog

The World Changes When You See It Differently (Rick Warren)….

It’s hard to find the words that can truly describe this experience and how much it has touched my heart. Understanding that this is my first Mission trip, I thought I knew what was ahead of me, but not even close.

I wish I could let each of you jump into my memory bank and roll through some amazing moments that I have encountered throughout the week. It starts with this team that God put together for a reason…to bring love, peace, and work skills to the deaf community of Leveque. The connections that we have formed with each other are contagious, as it has definitely warmed the hearts of our new Haitian family. I am truly ‘honored’ to be one of the thirteen members of the Seacoast Haiti 2012 Mission Team.

When a group returns to Leveque; I will be right there with them. I applaud Mary Chris for her love of the Haitians as she works so many overtime, behind the scene hours, in preparing this trip and making it happen for all of us…Tracy too. I have been truly touched with God’s graces this week while working with the adults and children in both deaf communities…the Red Cross Deaf Camp in La Piste and 410 Bridge’s deaf community in Leveque.

The leaders that we have been working with are so excited to learn from us, teach us their language, and share their stories. Regardless of  the different cultures we’re accustomed to, the different languages we speak, whether we sign or not, or even the color of our skin, we are children of the same God and have the love for sharing his Word. We circle together in prayer, we sing out through worship songs, share our tears and laughs, embrace each other with hugs, and never miss an opportunity to wave our hands to God, our Father, who loves our every beating heart.

My hope for the 6 ladies, whom we have worked so closely with, become working partners in their new Paper Bead Jewelry business. 410 Bridge has done an amazing job encouraging community development amongst the deaf population here. It’s very important that the ladies also become active in their community…by developing small businesses, for one. It gives them a job, responsibility, profits, ownership, and pride.  I pray for their continual enthusiasm and hard work. God Bless each one of you that has touched my hearts in so many ways! Until next time…