Kenya Sponsorship Programs

Kenya Primary School Program

We developed the sponsorship program in Kenya with one goal:

Remove all barriers to a quality education for every child in our partner communities in Kenya.


  1. Quality of Education: In many of the schools in our partner communities, teachers are understaffed, undertrained, and supplies are sparse. It is common for a teacher to be responsible for two classrooms at the same time.
  2. School Supplies & Uniforms: Some parents may not be able to afford school supplies and uniforms every year. Many children will attend school in worn uniforms that, in some cases, are in the wrong size.


  1. School Supplies & Uniforms: Funds will be used to provide needed school supplies. This may include textbooks, practice tests, and desks when needed. Sponsor children will also receive a new school uniform and shoes, where needed.
  2. Teacher Trainings: We will use funds to train teachers and lift the quality of education administered. After the sponsorship program is implemented, schools are often able to employ more teachers.
  3. Discipleship: We care for spiritual needs through our discipleship programs, empowering students to see themselves as children of God.
  4. School Infrastructure: When needed, we will build new school structures to make classes safer to attend and to prevent classes from becoming overcrowded.

Kenya Secondary School Program


We developed the secondary school sponsorship program in Kenya with one goal:

Remove barriers to children attending a quality Secondary School.


  1. Create Opportunities: This program is a needs-based program. We want to give children, who are otherwise unable to afford it, the opportunity to attend a quality secondary school. A secondary school education opens the door to university education, and job opportunities beyond that!
  2. Disciple Leaders: Through the secondary school sponsorship program, we hope to develop leaders who will invest what they learn into their community. We also hope to connect them with the Gospel and commission them to minister to others with their specific God-given gifts (1Peter 4:10).


  1. School Fees: Sponsorship funds are primarily used to pay the child’s tuition at quality secondary school. Where able, parents and students are asked to provide funds for school supplies and transportation.
  2. Leadership Retreats & Counseling: 3x/year, we host a leadership retreat and offer counseling sessions for the secondary school students and their parents. To practice the leadership principles they are learning, the children are required to participate in community service projects.