Haiti Sponsorship Programs

Haiti Primary School Program


We developed the sponsorship program in Haiti with one goal:

Remove all barriers to a quality education for every child in our partner communities in Haiti.


  1. School Fees: Parents cannot consistently afford annual tuition for their children. While they can afford to pay for some of it, the full cost might be too expensive.
  2. Quality of Education: In many of the schools in our partner communities, teachers are understaffed, under-trained and supplies are sparse.


  1. School Fees: Funds will be used to cover up to half of the child’s tuition every year. This eases the burden, while still allowing the parents to provide for their child.
  2. School Supplies: Funds will be used to provide needed school supplies the schools are unable to afford. If needed, we will fund textbooks and desks.
  3. Teacher Trainings: We will use funds to train teachers and lift the quality of education the children are receiving.
  4. Discipleship: We care for spiritual needs through our discipleship programs, empowering students to see themselves as children of God.

School Infrastructure: When needed, we will build new school structures to make classes safer to attend and to prevent classes from becoming overcrowded.