Guatemala Sponsorship Programs

Guatemala Special Needs Program


We developed the special needs sponsorship program in Guatemala with one goal:

Improve the quality of life for children with special needs and their families.


  1. Transportation: There is an excellent special needs facility near the community, but parents cannot afford the transportation for their child.
  2. Household Income: Therapy sessions for special needs children are available through the special needs facility, but many parents cannot afford them.


  1. Transportation: Community members volunteered to transport the children to and from the special needs facility. Sponsorship funds will compensate drivers.
  2. Weekly Therapist Sessons: All sponsored children with special needs will receive weekly sessions from a qualified therapist at the special needs facility.
  3. Parental Support: While all parents in our Western Highlands communities will benefit from the ongoing 410 Bridge programs (i.e. economic development programs to empower families to increase household income), parents of children with special needs require additional support. Additional proceeds from monthly sponsorships are used to:
      • Provide wheel chairs as necessary
      • Equip homes with additional mobility equipment
      • Offer emotional support for family members

Guatemala Primary School Program


We developed the sponsorship program in Guatemala with one goal:

Remove all barriers to a quality education for every child in our partner communities in Guatemala.


  1. Lack of Government Support: Outside of the election years, the government seldom provides schools with needed resources, such as food for their feeding program, and basic school supplies.
  2. Household Income: Children are often taken out of school after learning to read so they can help in the coffee fields. Maximum coffee yields are regarded as more valuable than receiving an education.


  1. Feeding Program: Funds will be used to supplement the feeding program when the government does not provide support. Providing meals at school eases the financial burden on families.
  2. School Supplies: Funds will be used to provide needed school supplies when the government does not provide support. These supplies will go to schools, teachers, and students.
  3. Sustainability: We will use funds to implement projects that increase the sustainability of programs to benefit the school.
  4. Awareness Program: After the immediate needs of schools are taken care of, we will be a catalyst to educate parents on the importance of education.
  5. Discipleship: We care for spiritual needs through our discipleship programs, empowering students to see themselves as children of God.