We believe that change happens when we focus on investing our time,

efforts and resources in developing young lives.


Your $39 monthly gift will connect you directly with a child living in a 410 Bridge community. But the impact of your generosity goes far beyond just one student. Our unique sponsorship model helps eliminate the barriers to quality education for every child living in the community. Your generosity will be felt across the entire community.



Sponsor and encourage the child.

We provide online tools that are accessible to track and follow your sponsored child over time.


Teach parents how to lift their household income and to value a quality education.

We work with local leaders, parents, and educators so they can make sustainable progress on their own.


They become empowered

The community becomes empowered over time to value a quality education for their children, and sustain the programs without help from outsiders, breaking the cycle of poverty.

As a sponsor, you’ll build a relationship with your sponsor child

and walk with them on their journey of development.