See how God is Working through the Daraja Choir!

Some reflections from Elisa Allred. Elisa is the U.S. Director of the Daraja Children’s Choir of Africa, a ministry of The 410 Bridge. We love hearing her perspective on the ways God has been working through Daraja! 

God is already moving in incredible ways through the 2016-2017 Daraja Choir. We are beyond grateful to be a part of what God is doing through this ministry.

As we travel throughout tour, we stay in many different host homes. One of the homes that hosted a few children and a chaperone, shared that they were skeptical about hosting Daraja for the first time and thought that the choir was just going to be a bunch of little children used as a marketing tool for an organization. Through their hosting experience, the Lord opened their eyes to see that Daraja is so much more.

Our staff and choir members love staying in host homes. It’s such a special part of their experience, both for the choir and the host home!

God used Daraja to soften the family’s hearts and help them better understand His heart for the kingdom. They were impacted greatly. They believe that their family was not chosen to host Daraja by coincidence; God Almighty opened the door. Their worldview and perspective changed through the Ministry’s and the Holy Spirit’s impact.

This is causing them to make some shifts in their life. They shared that they had a vacation cruise booked for the same time their church plans to do a mission trip to Kaihura, Uganda (The community 2016 Daraja is from). They said that God made it clear that they should cancel the cruise and join their church on The 410 Bridge Trip to Kaihura. They were also challenged to lead their family in devotions every night.

See how you can get involved, at!

This is merely one of many incredible stories we have heard over the past couple of weeks. Our God is faithful and so good to us. We are expectant to see how God continues to ignite hearts to worship and connect lives to serve, all across America.

Check out the Daraja Choir’s tour schedule and see how you can get involved at! 

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