Ragan’s Journey

There are times in the 410 Bridge journey when there are almost no words for our amazement at what God is doing…

I think this last week was one of those for me. As the director of the Daraja Choir for 4 years, I got to meet some pretty incredible people as we traveled from church to church. One of those people was the Riddle family in Burlington, NC. They were my host home for 3 years running, came to any concert within driving distance and encouraged us more than they could ever know. The oldest daughter, Ragan, became an intern in the summer of 2010 and also in summer 2011.

Ragan on tour with the 2010 Daraja choir

Just recently, Ragan found out that.. as a senior in college.. she has Hodgkins Lymphoma cancer and has begun the grueling process of fighting that disease through regular chemo treatments. She has blown our minds with her focus on God and her desire to use this challenge for God’s glory… but last week took the cake for me.

Some of Ragan’s friends had created a t-shirt and started selling them to help her with medical bills…So many people rose up to encourage her by buying shirts that they had to place an order for more to be made to fill all the requests… It was a huge success for her friends in support of all that she is going through and to pay for some of her bills..  but Ragan decided that she would rather have the money from the sales go to The 410 Bridge. We were speechless…

Ragan and Josephine, her sponsored child

If you want true encouragement, you HAVE to read her blog as she journeys through this difficult time focusing on God and giving Him Glory in all things.. Here is the link. Tomorrow we will be posting her actual blog where she shares her heart and her love for her sponsored child, Josephine Karambu, so stay tuned.

We would love for you to show your own encouragement for Ragan by sending her notes on her blog or through 410 Bridge (you can send them to me: christi@410bridge.org). And she wanted me to tell you all that if any of you are interested in a shirt, to let her know via her blog.

We are so thankful for Ragan and her relentless attitude of faith and gratitude in the midst of such hard times. It is an encouragement to all of us here at 410 Bridge that she couldn’t imagine.




Christi Baker

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